Saturday, March 14, 2009

So that's How you get Marv mad

You may recall Marv, the 80 something salt
of the earth farmer friend with the cool junk in his grove.
So I am coming back from my folks today, eighty miles due
west. At the half way point I get a call from my son Alan
asking me about Marv, have I seen him today ect.. Not much
is making sense so Alan turns the phone over to Dan, Marv's
neighbor. Seems he looked out to see Marv parked on the road
for some time at the end of his lane. Worried he went down
to see what was up, Marv seemed scrambled and was unsure who
Dan was, said he was getting his mail and then drove off to
town doing a little bobbing and weaving pretty much taking
his half the road right out of the middle.

Dan thinking the better of letting him go followed but lost
him somewhere and couldn't find him back, wound up at my
shop and bumped into Alan, hence the phone call. I suggest
he cruise town to scout for him, he calls back no dice, I
suggest going back to check his house, calls back no Marv.
By this time I am only 5 minutes out, I offer to take over
and try to locate.

I think hard, sounds like blood sugar down or light stroke
that type of thing. Marv has no relatives left in town, one
nephew 1/2 hour away. After some wavering I make the police
station my first stop, give a description of the trouble and
tell them to be looking for a 85 beat to hell two tone
silver and gray F-150 4x4.

I hop back in my car and go looking also. Ten minutes later
I see him just down the street at the fleet store, cops have
him pulled over, relieved I go see how he is, big mistake,
should have just kept driving.(-:

He is blasting the cops who have by now told them a
concerned citizen thought he was driving funny and was
worried about him, I fall on the sword and tell Marv it was
me, now he is really sore, keeps asking the cop what should
he do, he can't even leave the farm without some damn do
gooders calling the cops.

I had thought pretty hard about ratting to the cops, my
reasoning was if it was a stroke and Marv was disabled
somewhere or confused and driving to Timbuktu the twenty
minutes or half a hour I spent looking first before getting
the cops involved could be critical.

I called Alan and the others as I left to inform them that
not only was Marv OK, he was mad as hell. Alan called back a
few minutes later to inform me he had just met Marv on the
road and his jaw was just flapping as he no doubt was still
venting to himself.

Sure hope he gets over it.
Roy Gage

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